Develop and refine your game.

The Boca Raton FC High-Performance Academy offers a competitive, and challenging program in which the players grow and refine their soccer skills, technique, tactical knowledge of the game, and ability to play within a team. From our High-Performance Academy, we will build our U19, U21, and U23 teams that will represent Boca Raton FC in the Gold Coast Soccer League and other tournaments year-round. By being a member of this select group, players have the opportunity to be seen by Boca FC coaches and staff, and may be given opportunities to work their way up to the official team.


At the Boca Raton FC High-Performance Academy, the coaching staff will be able to help the players grow in different areas such as:

  • Technical skill
  • Tactical awareness
  • Physical abilities
  • Psychological dimension
  • Individual Tactics
  • Group/Team Tactics

How to join

Athletes interested in joining the Boca FC High-Performance Academy are given an opportunity to do so through a  tryout held by Boca FC. Tryouts are held weekly, and players are required to go through one to be accepted into the team.


  • Two session training session with the team
  • $100 dollars per person
  • For more information, or to sign up, click here

After a  tryout, if you are selected to join the High-Performance Academy, you will receive instructions on official registration for the Academy. Players interested in joining must be coming for a tryout for a chance of being selected.

What is included?

This is what the monthly tuition  includes:

  • 2 practice uniforms – jersey, shorts and socks
  • Competition in league and tournaments during the off-season
  • Facilities
  • Coaches
  • Insurance
  • TeamSnap (App) – communication app to keep players and family members updated about training and matches




Do you have what it takes? Keep up with our next tryout here for your chance to be a part of this championship squad.

Former Players

Matias Rubio


• Played for Tusculum College

• Was named Captain on the team on his freshman year and also won SAC Championship.

• In 2011 was named First-Team All-SAC Conference, and Second Tem All-Region Team.

• In 2014 won SAC Championship and was named All-Star Conference Championship Team.

• Played for Boca Raton FC in 2014-2015

• Currently playing for Juventut Bisbalenca in Spain


Elijah Kerr


Elijah was with the academy during the Summer time. He was preparing himself before going to college at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana.

“The training were always professional and playing with the team helped me prepare for my college season. I enjoyed everything and everyone took the team very serious. I look forward to coming back home from college and continuing to train with Boca Raton FC during the summer.”


Justin Wilbanks


Justin was a part of the academy for 2 months. With his quick development during those months, Justin was select by the coaching staff to play the APSL league with the Boca Raton FC.

“The Academy helped me to train and become prepared to play with the Boca Raton FC Team, as well as training cardio and fitness to be prepared for anything.”