Boca Raton FC will no longer prioritize one-day tryouts for aspiring players, rather, the club will now focus on tryout camps where trialists will be able to train with the Boca Raton FC team for a week of training and could be extended for as long as the coaching staff desires.

The move is beneficial to not only the players, but also the coaches, who will be able to see the player in the way they interact with other team players, ownership, and the rest of the coaching staff.

Boca Raton FC understands that sometimes a player puts all their efforts in one day and that day could sometimes not be their best. By having the Tryout Camp, players will be able to be evaluated for a longer period of time and they will not have the pressure of the one-day tryout as before.

Boca Raton FC is NOT responsible for  transportation, food, and accommodation. We also do not provide visa letters or any immigration assistance.