The 2021 Boca Raton FC Boot Camp is a six-month program where athletes will be given a competitive and challenging program in which they will grow and refine their soccer skills, technique, tactical knowledge of the game, and ability to play within a team.

The Summer Boot Camp will be a place where interested athletes will be able to train with the club and have the upper hand when it comes to being seen multiple times by the Boca Raton FC coaching staff.

Athletes registered for the 2021 Boot Camp will be training with the Boca Raton FC coaching staff and will be observed throughout the six-month period as potential players for either the NPSL or PASL teams in which Boca Raton FC will field during 2021.


At the end of the Boot Camp, all registered members will be given a free tryout pass for the March Open Tryouts where the coaching staff will make their final decisions on players for the upcoming 2021 season.