academy_logo_update3Do you not have time to practice in the mornings? Do you want to continue training and playing at a high level with a semi-professional team? For those of you who want to play with Boca Raton FC, you now have another opportunity. Boca Raton FC Academy has initiated a new group that trains every Friday night from 8 pm until 10 pm. One night a week. You can work while still chasing your dreams.

You will be training with the coaches and participating in tournaments representing Boca Raton FC in the competitions. The academy players will be filling spots on the U19, U18, and other rosters.

PHYSICAL AND TACTICAL on only one night a week

The entire structure of Boca Raton FC now is available on your schedule. Constant evaluations.



At the Boca Raton FC Academy, the coaching staff will be able to help the players grow in different areas such as:

  • Technical skill
  • Tactical awareness
  • Physical abilities
  • Psychological dimension
  • Individual Tactics
  • Group/Team Tactics


How to join

Athletes interested in joining the Boca Raton FC Academy are given an opportunity to do so through a  tryout held by Boca FC at the practices. Tryouts are held weekly, and players are required to go through one to be accepted into the team.


  • A training session with the team.
  • $50 dollars per person
  • For signup just fill your name and make the payment.

Do you have what it takes? 


Player Name

After a  tryout, if you are selected to join the Academy, you will receive instructions on official registration for the Academy. Players interested in joining must be coming for a tryout for a chance of being selected.


What is included?

This is what the monthly tuition  includes:

  • 1 training sections a week on the night
  • Competition in league and tournaments during the off-season *
  • Professional Coaches
  • Supplementary Insurance



  • $125 monthly tuition – a minimum of 4 months agreement
  • Purchase of player training kit  – If the player were select to play competitions he will need to buy the travel kit.