Apollo is Boca Raton FC’s lovable mascot. His story is much more interesting than that of your average monkey. Born at the Kennedy Space Center, Apollo grew up with one love, lacrosse. Apollo was the best monkey lacrosse player in the entire United States and eventually was signed by the Florida Launch, a team that played in Major League Lacrosse.

Apollo had five successful seasons with the Launch, but in April of 2019, the league closed the club leaving Apollo without a team.

Not sure what he would do with his life, Apollo remembered that great-grandfather Albert once told him of a tale that his extended family had moved to Brazil to play soccer among the natives. And so, Apollo packed his bags and moved to Brazil to find his extedend family.

Apollo found his family, and to his surprise, they weren’t just good at soccer, they were great. His cousins taught him the ways of soccer and soon enough, Apollo was out there with his family playing the beautiful game.

After returning to Florida, Apollo looked for the perfect team to play for and found out about Boca Raton FC through mutual friends. Boca Raton FC signed Apollo to a 5-year deal and has been enjoying his time with the club.

Apollo quick facts:

Name: Apollo

Number: 99

Height: Taller than the average monkey

Weight: a banana shy of 200 lbs

Hometown: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Family: Great-grandfather Albert was the first-ever primate astronaut way back in 1948

Likes: Soccer, Boca Raton FC fans, winning games, bananas, Lacrosse.

Dislikes: Bruised bananas, being asked if he lives in a barrel, being mistaken for a squirrel or a chipmunk

Favorite Movies: King Kong, Star Wars, Space Chimps, 12 Monkeys, Planet of the Apes (all of them)

Favorite Television Shows: National Geographic, Friends (Only the episodes with Ross’s Monkey)

Favorite Drink: Tang on the rocks.

Favorite Foods: Bananas.

Favorite Color: Blue and White

Favorite Book: Curious George

Have Apollo at your next event!

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**Request must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event date.**

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