While this program is open for everyone who wants a different soccer program, not all players will fit in this program. This program was created for players who are looking for something special.

The Boca Raton FC Youth Academy is decided to focus on the first stage of creating a new pool of players, developing and identifying them and bringing them to the next level.

The next level could be a college or professional career. At the Boca Raton FC Youth Academy, we focus on following our players through the early stages of their careers, which is why we have decided to not compete with players that have started their soccer careers with other clubs. By doing this, we are able to focus on building the Boca Raton FC culture and in the future, only accept players to our older teams that came from our IDP program, creating a pathway from a young age to the first team. We want our players to love their club and we want that this love will grow and help Boca Raton FC become a big, healthy family.

Boca Raton FC Semi-Pro team- UPSL South Florida Champions 2019

Our dream is to create a different type of soccer model, one in which families, coaches, and players all have the same goal: Build great players and great citizens. We don’t want to be only another club with competitive leagues and a stressful and expensive agenda of tournaments that at the end only gives the winners a medal and a trophy. Our goal is to make our players get the big final prize of becoming a good person and player! We want to see our players be awarded college scholarships, and/or professional contracts. This is a long journey, which is why we are starting with the early age group.

When is the right age to join the Boca Raton FC developmental structure? As early as possible!

IDP is different than recreational soccer. IDP is a program specifically designed for developing and identifying U6/U9 players who are interested in being developed and prepared for the next level.

This is designed to provide a different service to the soccer community for players in these early age groups. It is a way to meet the individual developmental needs of a player who desires a greater challenge outside of the recreational soccer system.

IDP players are guaranteed to receive age-appropriate instruction from licensed coaches during all training and game day sessions. While participation in all sessions is not required, registered players will be offered one or two training opportunities per week all year long.

This unique developmental program will move your child from the traditional recreation league to a select player. They can continue playing the recreational associations in any of the quality recreational associations in our area but what Boca Raton FC IDP offers is a soccer experience and introduces the game to players looking to move to the next level.



The Program 

The program consists of soccer class sessions of 60 minutes in length. Players will be grouped based on age and ability. All sessions follow a simple structure centered on one topic with the following three phases: warm-up, topic of the day, and games. Sessions will be constructed around technical topics such as passing, receiving, and defending, as well as tactical topics such as positional awareness, and movement on and off the ball.




Little Kickers (4-6 years)

The emphasis of this specific program is to provide the children with a fun introduction to teamwork.

Soccer Essentials (7-9 years)

This program emphasizes coordination and movement in soccer.  We present this through fun skill exercises and small-sized soccer games.


All players are welcome regardless if you are playing on a team/club. You can use our program for additional training during your season and offseason.



Our programs are for children age 4 to 9 years.  Our program consists of a one-hour soccer session, once or twice a week, at your choice.  Players will be grouped based on age and ability. All classes follow a simple structure focusing on one topic with the following three phases:

– warm-up activity

– small-sided and conditioned practice

– games

Classes will be constructed around technical topics such as passing, receiving and defending as well as tactical topics such as positional awareness and movement on and off the ball.  Throughout this program, children will participate in numerous activities such as relay races, obstacle courses, and other fun games.

We hope to provide your child with a stimulating experience where fun, fitness and teamwork all come together.


Our Staff

Each member of our staff is licensed with the US Youth Soccer Federation and is KIDSAFE certified.

Need talk with the director?
email: [email protected]
phone (561) 283-1619 (English, Spanish & Portuguese)


  • Our coaches

Represent many nationalities which allow for attributions of different styles of the game. Our coaches and trainers work closely together to promote optimal training for all of our athletes.


You can sign up at any time. Our program is a year-long program, you are never going to be “late for a season”. The cost will vary depending on how many months you sign your children up for the program. We have options for one month, three months and six months, once or twice a week.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you register until December 2019 for the six-month program twice a week, for the 2020 season which starts in January 2020, you will get free training until the end of December!

once a week = $75.60 per month *

twice a week = $113.40 per month *

**Discount for more than one kids available after the first kid is registered

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*price based on the 6 months plan paid in full at the registration

Tuition Fee Includes:

  • Practice in the field,
  • Hydration, and cooling system every practice
  • Exclusive soccer ball for each player – YES! We want our players to bring their “best friend” home!
  • Boca Raton FC training jersey


Training Session Days & Location

Training sessions will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays 4:30 PM  at Veterans Memorial Park in Boca Raton.



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