You have been selected to stay with us.

Head Coach Jim Rooney

Your hard work was not unseen! 

You are eligible to stay, now not only for 3 months but for 4 months.

Because of your improvement, you are eligible to stay with us. This is a result of your hard work.  Now you already know the group and have your kit and we are sure the next months will be even better.

A competition will start for the Academy players and you will always have a chance to be playing with the first team like some of the academy players already have.

Congratulations again!




Monthly payments include:

  • two days of practice on the field, and
  • unlimited use of our training center.

This is a very competitive academy. Because of this, your performance will be evaluated on a month-by-month basis in order to continue in this ultra-selective program.

We will have a new tryout coming and we need to know who going to stay or not.

How to keep register:

$250.00 per month – Payment will be charged 10 days after your confirmation

This is a 4-month commitment *. Payments must be set up in the form below.


Because we are renewing your commitment, we are offering a 25% discount for the one-time payment. Basically, we will be training one month for free!


* This is a 4-month contract. You can not cancel before the end of the 4th month. We will not refund any payment and we will charge the full contract in case you decide to not continue the program.  However, we can give credit to be used in future months. This is a professional program. Expect nothing different than this. Making the first payment you agree to this.

Full payment for the 4-months with 25% of discount
Number of payments 1
Start payments after 1 week
Due* Amount
At checkout $00.00 USD
Every 1 week (x 1) $750.00 USD
This Academy Renewal is a four-time monthly payment of $250 that will be deducted automatically.
Number of payments 4
Start payments after 1 week
Due* Amount
At checkout $00.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 4) $250.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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