Boca Raton FC is more than a team, we’re an institution. Read below about the different programs we offer.




IDP is different than recreational soccer. IDP is a program specifically designed for developing and identifying U4/U9 players who are interested in being developed and prepared for the next level.

This is designed to provide a different service to the soccer community for players in these early age groups. It is a way to meet the individual developmental needs of a player who desires a greater challenge outside of the recreational soccer system.



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The Boca Raton FC U18 program prepares players to play in the next level. 

The U18 is a program where the emphasis is placed upon collective problem solving — not teaching an individual player a solution to a problem, but teaching the squad how to discern and communicate game situations and creatively come to team solutions.

Boca Raton FC U18 players begin training to compete and ultimately prepare for college or professional playing opportunities. In the U18 level, we focus on four pillars of the game: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.



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Boca Raton FC High-Performance Academy (U19-U23)

Boca FC High-Performance Academy offers a competitive program in which the players grow and refine their soccer skills, technique, and tactical knowledge of the game. Playing in a team environment, players compete in the Gold Coast Soccer League and other tournaments year-round. Here, players have the opportunity to be seen by Boca FC coaches and staff, and may be given opportunities to practice/play with official team.




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Boca Raton FC  Academy 

Do you not have time to practice in the mornings? Do you want to continue training and playing at a high level with a semi-professional team? For those of you who want to play with Boca Raton FC, you now have another opportunity. Boca Raton FC Academy has initiated a new group that trains every Friday night from 8 pm until 10 pm. One night a week. You can work while still chasing your dreams.

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Special Programs

Boca Raton FC Summer Bootcamp

Boca Raton FC High-Performance Training Boot Camp is set up for College and HS Seniors soccer player who wants to continue practicing and improving their game during the summer. Players will be surrounded by high-quality peers who will challenge and push them in every aspect of the game. At Boca Raton FC Summer Boot Camp, each participant works directly with the coaches and receives evaluations.


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Boca Raton Football Club (Semi Pro)

Boca Raton FC is a semi-professional soccer team. The club provides a professional atmosphere for players who are looking to take their athletic career to the next level. Players can work their way up the High-Performance Academy, or be selected through an open try-out.

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Camp Boca Raton Football Club – Brasil

Teaming up with world-famous soccer player Márcio Amoroso (Borussia Dortmund, São Paulo), Boca Raton FC is providing soccer camps for kids in Brazil at exclusive high-end resorts. Children will have an opportunity to learn for the legend himself, and parents will learn about the various soccer opportunities for their children in the USA.

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