Boca Raton Football Club is expanding its reach.

The club is excited to announce the addition of Arthur Fernades as the clubs Portuguese Content Manager.

Fernandes and his team will spearhead the Brazilian outreach of the club in the country of Brazil with social media, and original content to keep Boca Raton FC fans who live in Brazil updated with all the news and movement of the club.

“I’m very excited for this opportunity,” said Fernandes. “Boca Raton FC has a huge growth potential outside of the US and not only do they have a winning team, but they also have a great ownership group who has been very supportive of this expanded growth of the club into Brazil.”

With World-renowned star Amoroso playing for Boca Raton FC, the club’s reach to the Brazilian market was an inevitable one.

“We are excited to have Arthur on board,” said Boca Raton FC President, Douglas Heizer. “He is enthusiastic about the task at hand and I believe he and his team will do a phenomenal job in bridging the gap between the Brazilian fans and the American fans.”

“Our ambition is to conquer the fans in Brazil,” said Fernandes. “We want to show them our work and how competitive this club is. Brazilians are fascinated by soccer, a sport that has been growing rapidly in the United States. I am certain that Brazilians will love our club and appreciate the seriousness in which we run things.”

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