Boca Raton FC and C. Square Foundation (dba Palm Beach Spartans) announced today a historic and unique partnership that will reap dividends for young soccer players in Palm Beach County.  The symbiotic relationship will benefit both clubs with Boca Raton FC acting as a mentor and guardian of the non-profit Palm Beach Spartans by contributing both financially and with training help to create a pipeline for talented young players whose families may not have the financial resources to send their children to other local clubs.

C. Square Foundation is a South Florida – based 501(c)3 [non-profit] youth development organization program, utilizing soccer, volunteering activities and mentorship programs, as a means of promoting social development among mainly our minority and disenfranchised population. The program serves youths in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Greenacres and West Palm Beach communities, focusing on boys and girls all ages.

Palm Beach Spartans programs are open to all without regards race, religion, creed or financial status.

Cheddi J. Johnson, the Spartan’s President and Founder states the goal of the programs are,  to empower and strengthen the young minds and bodies of our minority youth, so that they may see beyond their individual socio-economic circumstances and strategically strive towards their dreams and aspirations with relentless conviction”.

This team-based approach to total youth development will address certain key areas of development such as; academic enrichment, character and team building, leadership and teamwork, along with a steady focus on fitness and maintaining healthy lifestyles. These life lessons are geared towards creating a framework to assist our teens to become model citizens of tomorrow, guaranteeing the success of our future generations.

All kids reaching goals and maximum potential. The programs help use soccer as a gateway to physical fitness and health for underprivileged kids.  The Spartans have used soccer to galvanize a community toward a common goal and improve college readiness and financial stability.

More details about the partnership will be released in the future. Palm Beach Spartans are on Facebook at

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