BOCA RATON, FL — Boca Raton Football Club is delighted to announce the creation of the Boca Raton FC Identification and Development Program (IDP).

The Boca Raton FC IDP will focus on following players through the early stages of their careers by being able to focus on building a strong foundation and creating a clear pathway from a young age to the Boca Raton FC first team. We want our IDP players to love their club and we want that this love will grow and help Boca Raton FC become a big, healthy family.

Different than rec soccer, IDP is a selective program designed specifically for the players born between 2010 and 2015 who are interested in being developed and prepared for the next level as they grow in the soccer career.

At the Boca Raton FC IDP, we meet the individual developmental needs of a player who desires a greater challenge outside of the rec soccer programs. 

This unique developmental program will transition a child from being just another rec player to becoming a select player.  

Our goal is to create a different type of soccer model, one in which families, coaches, and players all have the same goal: Build great players and great citizens. 

We will not just be another club with competitive leagues with a stressful and expensive agenda of tournaments that at the end only gives the winners a medal and a trophy. Our goal is to make our players get the big final prize of becoming a good person and player. 

Our dream for the Boca Raton FC IDP is to see our players be awarded college scholarships, and/or professional contracts. 

IDP players are guaranteed to receive age-appropriate instruction from licensed coaches during all training and game day sessions. 

Alex Texeira has been dubbed the program director. Texeira has an extensive soccer resume, as a former Professional Soccer Player. Texeira currently holds a US Soccer Federation National B and Youth National License and is also a US Soccer Federation Official Member and an NSCAA Gold Member.

Texeira will work with his staff to specialize in creative developments on the ball and works closely with individuals, groups, teams, and clubs to meet their specific needs at all developmental levels.

For more information on the Boca Raton FC IDP, please visit us online at

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