BOCA RATON, FL — In a partnership with the Beaches Adult Soccer League (BASL), Boca Raton Football Club is excited to announce the start of a Boca Raton FC 7v7 Adult Soccer League.

A non-profit organization founded in 1989 by a group of individuals who wanted regional soccer to be played at the highest levels possible, BASL is the number 1 amateur soccer league in all of Florida today and has grown to be able to manage more sanctioned games per year than any other adult league.

The Adult Soccer League will run every Friday night at Caloosa Park in Boynton Beach starting at 7 pm. As of right now, there will be two leagues, a Co-Ed Division, and an Open Division. To participate in the Open Division, one must simply be over the age of 18, to join the Co-Ed Division is the same criteria, however, rules are different. Two women per team are required to be on the field at all times.

The BASL and Boca Raton FC will be combining forces with this strategic partnership to give a high level of recreational soccer for adults 18 and up looking for a place to have a social event, and have fun all while playing the game they love.

“BASL Soccer looks forward to working in conjunction with Boca Raton FC to grow soccer at all levels in our local community,” said Bryan Meyer, Head of the Southeast Florida Operations and Director of League Enhancement for BASL.

Each team will consist of 10-12 players. Registration is $70 per player, which includes 8-10 games.

Players wanting to register and do not have a team yet must register here:

If you have a group of players and want to make your own team, please register here:

The only way to register for the league is by going online. If you are a player and don’t have a full team, visit the first link to sign up, make sure you select the Boynton Beach 7v7 and in the comments section please indicate which 7v7 league you’re interested in joining. A BASL staff member will reach out to you to complete your registration.

“We are excited to be able to announce the first Boca Raton FC Adult Soccer League in partnership with BASL,” says Boca Raton FC president, Douglas Heizer. “Bryan and the entire BASL staff have been very open with partnerships and we are excited to bring this 7v7 league to the South Florida community.”


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