On Tuesday, October 22, Boca Raton Football Club was honored by Boca Raton Mayor, Scott Singer by receiving a proclamation for winning the 2019 United Premier Soccer League South Florida Championship this past summer.

Boca Raton FC players and staff joined president Douglas Heizer at the event as the club was honored in front of the entire City Council.

“When we began this journey six years ago we wanted to do what we have been doing with the newspaper [The Boca Raton Tribune], and that is to bring the community together,” said Heizer. “We have been averaging around 800 fans in our home games and that, to me, is a sign we are bringing the community together.”

Boca Raton FC has now opened up their very own Boca Raton FC Youth Academy, in which the club brings in children ages 3-8 to learn the basics of soccer, and grow their love for the game in the process.

“We are so excited to be able to share this moment with the city in which we proudly display on our chest,” added Heizer. “Everything we do with Boca Raton FC we aim to put the great city of Boca Raton in a positive light, and winning the 2019 UPSL South Florida Championship was one of those moments.”

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