As you may know Florida was recently hit with Hurricane Irma. Luckily, in the southeastern part of the stare we were only hit with the outer part of the storm and did not suffer the devastation that the Keys and our friends in Southwest Florida did. However, Irma has caused a lot of destruction in our community. Locally, there are many homes without power, many businesses that are still not operating, many traffic lights down. Because of this, we do not yet have a new date for the Fall Open Tryout.

We are working with our parks to see when they will be reopened and when activity will return to normal. Our first priority is the safety of all our athletes and we will continue to do our best to keep them safe. With the current situation, it is not ideal to have players train. Coach Rick and President Douglas have been in contact with our players regarding this safety precaution.

Please stay tuned as we will resume our activities as soon as possible. Hope everyone in our community is doing as well as they can in these circumstances. Thanks for everyone’s continued interest in Boca Raton FC. 

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