BOCA RATON, FL — With the summer just around the corner, Boca Raton Football Club is excited to announce the Boca Raton FC Summer Boot Camp that will run May through July this summer.

The Boca Raton FC Training Boot Camp is set up for collegiate soccer athletes who are looking to improve their game during the summer, and for the athletes looking to make the jump to the next level.

Players will be surrounded by their peers, so they will be challenged and pushed in every aspect of the game. Rather than going on solo runs and heading to the gym for a workout, participants will gather with like-minded, dedicated soccer players for training beyond just routine summer maintenance.

Each participant will work directly with the Boca Raton FC coaching staff and will receive individual evaluations of their progress.

Players will enjoy the opportunity to train alongside the Boca Raton FC first team while maintaining their college eligibility. Additionally, participants will receive a Boca Raton FC training jersey and scrimmage matches against the Boca Raton FC first team.

Players will train from Monday to Thursday with sessions at Impact Sports Performance, as well as on the field with the coaching staff to grow their game and be able to play at a higher level.

To learn more about the program click here.

With flexible tuition options, players will be able to enroll for a 1-week training ($250), 2-week training ($450), 4-week training ($800), 8-week training ($1,200), or the full 12-week program ($1,500). To enroll, please call 1833-2-BOCAFC today, or go online clicking on this link .

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