Boca Raton, FL – Boca Helping Hands is proud to announce that the 2015 American Premier Soccer League regular season Champions, Boca Raton Football Club, will be volunteering at their Thursday Night Family Dinner on Thursday, July 16.

Boca Raton FC will assist Boca Helping Hands in preparing and serving meals, as well as distributing pantry bags, and giving the children a free soccer clinic.

“We are very excited about the opportunity of partnering up with such an amazing organization like Boca Helping Hands,” says Boca Raton FC’s managing partner, Douglas Heizer. “The work Boca Helping Hands is doing with the community is fantastic and we at Boca Raton FC are ecstatic to be able to give back to our community.”

Currently in first place in the APSL standings, Boca Raton FC plays their finals game of the regular season on Sunday versus Uruguay Kendall as they prepare for the 2015 APSL Playoffs.

“Boca Helping Hands is thrilled the Boca Raton Football Club wanted to volunteer and be a part of our organization.  The children that attend our Family Night Dinner will be thrilled to meet these young men who are great role models.  An added bonus is that they will be giving soccer tips!”  said Karen Swedenborg, Development Manager, Boca Helping Hands.

Boca Helping Hands’ mission is to provide food and emergency assistance to meet basic human need and long-term solutions to break the cycle of dependence.

The Thursday Night Family Dinner is one of the events the organization runs which is only open to families, with the emphasis on the children.

Every Thursday, Boca Helping Hands makes the evening special for the children with crafts, movies, or organizations, such as Boca Raton FC to interact with the children.

“Community involvement is a big part of our club,” added Heizer.  “We are excited to have joined with Boca Helping Hands and be able to bring a smile to the faces of the kids of Boca Raton through The Beautiful Game.”

Not only does Boca Helping Hands distributes over 5,000 pantry bags monthly, reach over 1,000 elementary students from nine different schools through their BHH Backpacks with six meals and two snacks, but they have a Job Mentoring Program which helps clients by offering “Life Skills”, computer classes, resume building and online job searches.

Through the Esperanza Catering at Boca Helping Hands, and the BHH Health Care Training, students have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to work either in the Hospitality Industry, or to become Home Health Aides.

“This is our city,” added head coach Marcelo Castillo. “Our fans have been nothing but supportive of us throughout out entire APSL season and now its time for us to support our local nonprofit organizations.”

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