BOCA RATON, FL — Boca Raton Football Club is proud to announce that Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton has joined the Boca Raton FC family as a sponsor for the 2019 season.

Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton is a new and innovative personalized approach to medical care management. This affordable, patient-center model gives members access to unlimited primary care. Their focus is to provide every patient with individualized attention to meet his or her specific health care needs.

Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton uses a monthly direct pay, flat fee that is likely to cover 80-90% of the issues for which you will need to seek medical care, including routine and preventative care; sick visits, weight loss management, chronic disease management, and pediatric care.

“We are very excited to join Boca Raton FC as sponsors for the 2019 season,” said Rachel Huerta. “Boca Raton FC is a strong local brand with a community-first mentality which is some Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton believes in as well.”

Huerta is a National Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. Huerta began her career as a registered nurse in one of the nation’s leading hospitals. She is a south Florida native. Huerta earned her degree as a Nurse Practitioner from Florida Atlantic University. Today, she is privileged to practice in her hometown of Boca Raton.

Huerta believes that spending time and giving individualized attention to each patient is the key to keeping them healthy and avoiding unnecessary visits to a specialist or a hospital.

As a leader in Boca Raton, Huerta advocates for her patients and believes that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. Through the Direct Primary Care model, patients receive excellent care at a significantly reduced cost by removing the middle man, the insurance company.

“Boca Raton FC is proud to welcome Direct Primary Care to the Boca Raton FC Family,” said Boca Raton FC president, Douglas Heizer. “Direct Primary Care is, like us, very community oriented and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between both companies.”

Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton will have their logo placed in the top right side of the jersey on top of the Boca Raton FC crest.

For more information on Direct Primary Care of Boca Raton, please visit their website at

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