We received a visit from the technical part of the team in our office, where we were able to talk and get to know a little more about the incredible work that this team does in Europe, after all, we are talking about one of the best teams in Europe, right?

Having a team like FC Shakhtar visit us here in Boca Raton and play in a friendly is a tremendous opportunity, an honor not only for our team, but for the entire city of Boca Raton.

The visit and friendly took place in January 2016, what an honor to be able to remember such a special memory of an amazing experience like this. During this week, we will have several moments of memory of this visit, make sure you follow along!

In the photo: (Marketing Director Yuri Sviridov, Executive Director Joe Palmer of FC Shakhtar with Douglas and Pedro Heizer of Boca Raton FC).

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