Being in a supporter club is much more than standing behind the goal and singing your heart out. It’s being part of a huge family, where everyone comes together to celebrate their love of the Beautiful Game. Supporter groups are responsible for creating the intimidating, raucous atmosphere that makes the stadium a fortress that opposition teams fear to visit.

Boca Raton Football Club is proud to have The Rat Pack as the Club’s first official recognized Supporter’s Group.

“Boca Raton FC is a local club, it’s our club,” says Rafael Baez, one of the Founders of The Rat Pack. “I’m very excited to start going to games, and tailgating and hooking up with fellow Boca Raton FC supporters in order to grow The Rat Pack!”

The Rat Pack will meet at The Lion & Eagle Pub two hours prior to every Boca Raton FC home game, and will also be at the pub after the match as part of the post-game gathering.

As one of the their first official events, The Rat Pack will be hosting a “BRFC Meet & Greet” on Thursday, April 30 at 8PM at The Lion & Eagle where fans will be able to come out, get information on the group.

“The support we’ve received from fans around the city has been tremendous,” says General Manager Marcelo Castillo. “They have been on board with the club from day one and to finally see their supporter group come to fruition is a great feeling.”

Boca Raton FC players and coaches will also be in attendance for pictures, autographs during the “BRFC Meet & Greet” on Thursday at The Lion and Eagle Pub, Boca Raton FC’s Official Pub.

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