LOXAHATCHEE, FL –  Boca Raton FC defeated Florida Soldiers 2 last Tuesday in a comeback fashion and advanced to the UPSL regional quarter-finals. This game was the first playoff appearance for the team this season.

The Boys In Blue team pulled off quite the comeback Tuesday at Samuel Friedland Park, coming from behind to beat a skilled Florida Soldiers 2 team to advance to the quarterfinals. Boca Raton FC found itself down 0-1 in the first half after an own goal, but a fantastic Wikenlove goal drew level before Crispin came up with a goal for the win.

Now Boca Raton FC made the quarterfinals. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the team and players that have taken part in this UPSL championship for the first time. “While it’s impressive that the team has come this far, it’s most important to keep realistic expectations on this group”, praises coach Jim Rooney.

At the quarter-final game, Boca Raton FC will host Florida Soldiers, third-placed during the regular season of Broward Division (7-0-1).

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