Boca Raton FC has developed over the past few years a reputation for providing affordable community-based entertainment. We’re extremely proud of our successes and are now actively taking steps to further grow our club and create a soccer environment that benefits everybody involved with the game in our community. 

Our first match of the fall will be on August 23 against Lynn University at Lynn. We’re pleased to be able to play a game in Boca Raton to be close to our fans. This also will help strengthen our ties with local Universities as we work to develop educational opportunities for our players and foster learning experiences for players from all over the world.

The 2017 NPSL and APSL Spring Season proved to be a learning experience for everyone involved with our club. We experienced growing pains and won’t repeat some of the same errors we made during this period. We also pledge to be closer with the community and work to find a more permanent and accessible place to play our games.  

For the APSL Fall Season we will be fielding a team of mostly young, local player players. We’re not focused on results for this period though we will build a competitive and entertaining roster for our fans.

In 2018, we plan to have at least 12 home games in Boca Raton or Delray Beach and we need community buy-in to make this as successful as possible. We will also be engaging in more community-oriented charitable activities going forward including around the holidays. We are also looking to develop a training center in partner with local investors which will not only be for our club but to serve as a home for competitions and to host clubs from abroad who come to south Florida for training. This will be a training facility not owned by our club but one which will be a partner in and use for our first team and academy. It will serve as a home for our club.

Next year, we will field teams in the same leagues we did in 2017. However, we are in active conversations with the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) and are also open to having similar discussions with the North American Soccer League  (NASL) and United Soccer League (USL) in the future. Our commitment is to bring the higher level of professional soccer to this community without compromising our values or our brand. 

We will not jump to a professional league until we feel we have a proper structure in our club from youth development on up to our first team. We will not play in a pro league in 2018. We need to do our homework before getting there and we need more investment partnerships and more local support before making the leap. We are pleased in our trajectory as club through three years and have confidence in our long-term plan.

We need support of the local community and local businesses, if we are to move forward towards playing in a professional league. In the upcoming months we will be building collaborations and bridges to further our footprint and the viability of our club going forward.

We will spend the coming months fostering existing relationship in the community and developing new ones as well. We are actively involved in seeking real investment partners who can help sustain our growth while maintaining the reputation and family feel of the club we have built in the last three years.

If you want to invest in Boca Raton FC feel free to contact us. We will periodically be updating you our fans on our progress with all of this. Thanks again to our loyal fans and the greater south Florida soccer community for everything.

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